Looking for profiles of 本田茂光 and 本田縁


You can get some information about 本田茂光 and 本田縁(緣as Chinese character) in this "臺灣總督府職員錄" system. http://who.ith.sinica.edu.tw/mpView.action

You can see the schools which they worked at. However, we can't know the schools they graduated from and the subjects they taught.

After you click the button "調閱影像," you can find more information from the digital copy of 職員錄.

We have used the keywords "本田茂光, 本田縁(緣), 新社國民學校, 霧峰公學校, 大興公學校, 管嶼厝國民學校, 水底寮國民學校" to search our systems of digitalize collections. And we only found some articles 本田茂光 wrote on the journal "茉莉." Maybe you can find more information about him from his articles.

Here are our systems of digitalize collections you can use: http://stfj.ntl.edu.tw/cgi-bin/gs32/gsweb.cgi/ccd=fdvn0K/main?db=pjournal&menuid=pjournal, http://stfb.ntl.edu.tw/cgi-bin/gs32/gsweb.cgi/ccd=qO0Z0R/main?db=book&menuid=book.

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