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Latest news

2021 YangMingShan ChungShan Hall Summer Camp 【Magic Forest】

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  • Date:2021/5/28

2021 YangMingShan ChungShan Hall Summer Camp 【Magic Forest】

In order to let children to go outdoors and breathe fresh air during the summer vacation, we are planned 2 days (DAY camp) the forest activities.

Day 1: Our professional teachers will lead to learn simple English and French Songs with beautiful melody in forest. Also recognize and watching cute and adorable Insects. To visit the sulfur geology and natural ecology around ChungShan Hall.

Day 2: To know the History of Chungshan hall through AR/VR technology equipment. The professional magicians will guide how to perform simple magic, so that children can also become little magicians.
The children are guided by a professional teacher to make a wooden ball table with the characteristics of Chungshan hall.

For more information please visit our website : https://chungshanhall.ntl.edu.tw